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Questions and Answers for Mike’s Tours in Amsterdam

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy a ticket for the bike tour?

I buy a ticket for the bike tour?

You can purchase your ticket online through our websites booking page, just click here. Alternatively, you can send a message via the contact page or send a whatsapp.  Also if you’d like to book a private tour or have special requirements. We are happy to help!

Do I need to pre-purchase a ticket for the bike tours or can I just show up?

If you really want to join the bike tour on a certain day, then we highly recommend that you book in advance as the tours often get sold out. Yes, you can meet us at the starting location and try your luck. We recommend that you show up at least 15 minutes before the tours start and that you are flexible in case it’s already sold out.

What to bring on a tour?

We recommend bringing a backpack with you. That is the most relaxed on our Dutch grandma bicycles. Inside your backpack, you should have your rain jacket and sunscreen (you never know in Amsterdam…), some water and lunch for a longer ride. Oh and don’t forget some good snacks, our guides love to be pampered wink

What happens if it rains or snows?

We do the bike tours in the rain or shine (Dutch people are always biking). We will provide you with a rain poncho for the duration of the tour in case of rain, but if you have good rain clothes yourself, please bring it with you.

We only cancel the bike tours if there is a serious weather warning or sometimes in the wintertime if there’s so much snow and ice that it’s not safe to bike (which luckily happens very rarely).

I haven't ridden a bike in 10 years, which tour should I do?

Please bear in mind that you must be able to ride a bike safely on your own, be able to turn corners and bike over our mountains (aka bridges). We also expect that you can ride an average speed of at-least 12 km/h.

So perhaps it’s best if you try to re-learn your bicycling skills before signing up for the tours. We find that a 1/2 day bike rental experience is mostly a great way to get used to being on 2 wheels again. We recommend the Countryside bike tour to anyone who is not used to city traffic, although this tour requires a bit of stamina.

What kind of bikes do you use for the bike tours?

We provide traditional unisex city bikes, with regular hand brakes. When you receive your bike, please try it out and if required, ask for help adjusting the seat to your height. Our bikes have at least 3 gears, and come in various frame sizes to cater for riders of different heights.

Do you have small bikes and children bikes for the bike tours?

Yes we have children bikes for kids who can ride on their own and we also have smaller bikes for the vertically challenged. Please note that the minimum age for the public tours is 12 years old and that we offer private tour options for families with younger children who can ride on their own.

Do you provide bike helmets?

Helmets are not mandatory in Amsterdam and the Netherlands and most people don’t use them, but we understand if you like to use one. We have helmets in different sizes available for those who would like to use one.

Can I bring my own bike along on the tour?

Yes, you may bring your own bike along on the tour. One caveat: our guides are only trained in fixing our bikes, so if anything happens to your own bike on the tour, they may not be able to help you and we unfortunately will have to leave you behind. So only bring your own bike if you are willing to take that risk.

Do you ever run over time tour duration?

We always aim to have you back at the agreed time so you can continue with your schedule. Please note that in case you are planning other activities for after the bike tours, count on the tours possibly lasting + 30 minutes extra due to traffic or any other unforeseen circumstances.

How many people are in a group?

We wil have maximum 15 guests per guide. On average we have about 10 guests per guide on our tours. 

Please note that for private tours we can take as little or many as you like, but we will still have 1 guide with maximum 15 people.

Do you need a minimum of people for the scheduled bike tours?

If you have pre-bought a ticket online, we guarantee that the tour will happen when we have a minimum of 4 people to do the tour.

What's the difference between the Countryside bike tour and City bike tour?

The two tours are completely different. The City Bike Tour stays in Amsterdam, where we’ll show you lots of the sights and to do so we ride through some of the more hectic areas where it’s important that you are a confident bike rider.
On the Countryside bike tour, we ride outside of the city. The Countryside bike tour is a bit longer, but the ride is more relaxed as the majority is spent riding on bike paths and through green areas. If you are nervous about city traffic, then we recommend that you join the Countryside bike tour.

Do you stop for lunch on the tours?

No we do not stop for lunch on the tours. However, feel free to bring lunch and have it along the way or when we stop for drinks.

Are the bike tours appropriate for children?

Our bike tours have an age limit of 12 years and older. We have an age restriction for our scheduled bike tours due to stamina, ability of the children, and most importantly situational awareness. As we are cycling through the heart of Amsterdam it is very important that everyone is aware of their surroundings at all times, under 12’s tend to need more attention and assistance as they are not always aware of the dangers around them.

We recommend families with under 12’s to consider a Private bike tour, as our guides can look after your family with more attention for the younger people. We can also choose a route which is more suitable or take a cargo bike so your little kids can stay safe in the basket.

Can I bring a baby along on the tours?

It?s unfortunately not possible to bring your baby along on our public groups tours as the age limit is 12 year or older.

It is, however, possible to book a private tour and bring your older baby or younger child along on the tour. We can arrange for a bike with a baby seat in the front and a bike with a child seat on the back, or place little kids in a real Amsterdam cargo bike.
Please note that for health reasons it’s advised that you should only use a baby seat for longer rides if your baby is 18 months and he/she can sit independently before you can go cycling with him/her.

What does a private bike tour cost?

The price for a Private Tour starts at 250 euro. For detailed pricing, please go to the Private Bike Tour pages, or contact us by whatsapp or send a message via our contact page for a tailor-made tour.

Do I need to tip my guide?

At Mike’s Tours, we are dedicated to providing the very best Bike tours in Amsterdam. We believe in transparent pricing, and would therefore like to confirm that our prices do not include tips. In doing this, we give you the freedom and flexibility to decide how you wish to show your appreciation to our hardworking guides. Within The Netherlands, tipping is not compulsory or expected, however, a monetary gift of thanks will always be welcome.

We are often asked what is the recommended amount to tip? A customary and acceptable amount is around 15% of the total cost of the tour, or about €50 for a half day private tour. However, the amount you wish to give is entirely at your discretion, and any amount will be appreciated.

Our guides take great pleasure and pride in sharing their knowledge and passion with you and their priority is your satisfaction. So whether you tip or not, rest assured that our team are dedicated to bringing you the very best experience during your time in Amsterdam.